Internet security in a box for all devices at home

How do you know if all your devices at home are secured from virus & hackers? An obvious solution is having a security software installed and updated regularly on every computer, tablet, smart tv or cell phone connected to your home or small business router. It’s easy if you have couple of computers but nowadays an average family of 4 has about 10 Internet connected devices that require online protection. An Internet security box such as the one from Bitdefender offers a protection for all devices at your home from just one device connected to the router and continuously monitoring your Internet data before it reaches your computer or phone. Internet of things is the future of technology at homes, and it means that a lot of regular devices that we used to have can now be connected to the Internet and managed from anywhere in the world as long as you’ve Internet connection. For this reason a security device such as bitdefender BOX can stop hackers from reaching any device. This Internet Security BOX is priced at around 100$.

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