Smart bicycle bell that includes navigation, light and safety alarm

If you love cycling a lot and you want to make this sport more comfortable and safe, you should know more about this smart bicycle bell. This smart bell is not your regular bicycle bell, it is a navigation device, a light and a safety accessory. This bell could rings in different sounds depending on the road conditions. The navigation system part connects to your smartphone via bluetooth. It is also an automatic light that is bright enough in the dark, but not so bright to blind other people on the road. The power of the light changes depending on your speed and other road conditions. Motion alert covers a radius of 250 meters and you are able to know the bike’s last seen position and if it is moving or not. The device has 200 hours of battery life which gives you the opportunity not to think about an unexpected light problems. The rain is not a problem anymore – this device is fully waterproof. Now you can use this smart app connected bicycle bell with iOS and the creators are working on Android compatibility. It costs $79 for early birds.

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