Unique Video Recording Bracelet

The designs and ideas for spy cameras have evolved through time. The G1 smart jewelry bracelet is another innovation for spy camera users, it especially works great for law enforced agencies. The smart bracelet has a remote control built-in camera used for video recording. The bracelet connects with Bluetooth that ranges up to 15 meters (49 feet/16.4 yards). The recording functionality of the hidden spy camera can be controlled with the smartphone app, it’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The smart bracelet also notifies you whenever you receive a call or miss a call on your connected smartphone. The bracelet is a sound-proof device which also protects the user from harmful radiations. The bracelet has an anti-theft functionality and it helps you navigate the perfect location of the bracelet through the smartphone app. You can also set the timings of recording while you are sleeping. The smart bracelet is now sold for $80.04
XiaoCai G1 Fashion Bluetooth V3.0/4.0 Jewelry Smart Bracelet for iOS / Android Phone – Rose Golden

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