TOMTOM CURFER  Feedback on  Their  Driving  Style

Nearly 1.3 million people die each year in car accident. Rash driving not only risk one’s own life but other people’s too. However TOM TOM CURFER application has made this a lot easier. With this app a person can be connected to his car also he can review the day performance.

CURFER will help you visualize your driving behavior. Driver real time feedback shows how they drive. It show’s the acceleration, braking, time consumed and much more. In addition to gaining real-time feedback, drivers can share information on their individual driving style with friends and family over the social media networks. To avail the full advantage of this application, Tom Tom CURFER app also includes an optional car finder tool that will navigate users directly to their parked vehicles. So next time you go out, don’t worry about finding your car. Many people have trusted this application since its first official launch in United Kingdom and Germany.

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