Locate your car with your a smart car USB charger

The latest cars are provided with built-in USB chargers so users can charge their smartphones and other compatible devices while driving their cars. However; a device has been introduced which is designed as a car charger but it has multiple functions. Nonda has created a car launcher which works as both USB charger and car locator at the same time. The Nonda car charger and locator get the power from power socket in the car and have two USB ports for charging more than one device at a time. Whenever you will park your car, the Nonda car charger and locator saves the location of the car and sends it on the smartphone of the user which can be wirelessly connected through the smartphone app with both iOS and android. The car charger and locator help the visibility in dark surroundings by elegant shining system and it can work in high temperature of 212 degrees. This car charger and car locator is available for $35.99.

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