SK UO- A Powerful Mini Wireless Projector Package Fits In Your Palm

Smart phones are a good device to share information not just online but on the spot too. Having a projector all the time with you to share pictures or documents is a cool thing but it’s hard to move with a full size projector. SK UO is tiny gadget that fits into your palm but it is a powerful screen projector. And when you combine it with a mini wireless speaker and tripod, you’ll end up with a complete screen mirroring project that is compared to the full size projector. It has 1 watt inbuilt speaker, cooling fan  and 2 hour battery life that you can charge it just like you charge your smartphone. You can adjust the silicon plate to fix projector and screen. This small projector can be used for business presentations, school projects, sales demonstrations and home entertainment. It’s on sale for around $250.

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