Record Everything with a Smart, Wearable and Wireless Microphone

Recording an audio clip with larger devices like mobiles phones or tape recorder has become an out of fashion trend. More easy and handy device is made named Instamic. Instamic is a small device which can be used as hands free wearable audio recordings and it can be controlled through the device itself or through a mobile app. A user has to press the instamic logo button once to turn on the device and the recordings can be started by using the app or by pressing the logo again. Instamic can be synced with Bluetooth devices as well and it is a splash proof device. The smartphone app can be used to search all of the available instamic devices and you can change the settings of your desired device through the mobile app. Instamic can be charged by connecting with a PC through USB 2.0 port. The retail price is around 189$ but you can get it cheaper by contributing to the startup campaign (Here) or waiting when it’s available everywhere at a discount.

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