A Tiny Smart Personal Security Guardian With Sensors

AllBe1 is your all in one personal security guardian which can replace infrared alarms, fitness tracker, pet tracker, thermometer & so many more things. It’s a small capsule with infrared sensor, accelerometer, GPS and range detector. AllBe1 when connected with your Smartphone can do so many tasks that need multiple devices at once. The sensors not only can monitors & tracks many tasks but also save all the tracking to your smartphone so you don’t miss any action. With an infrared alarm you’ll be alerted if anyone enter your place or get near your belongings. The smartphone lock option works with proximity to lock or unlock your phone depending on your physical distance from your phone. Just place it inside your drawer to be alerted if someone open when you are absent. Is your body low on Vitamin D, AllBe1 sensor will alert you if you need more sun so you can take a break for a bit. AllBe1 is available for preorder for around 55$.




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