Elvie is an app-enabled Kegels exercise tracker

It is a small exercise tracker for your pelvic floor that connects to a mobile app via Bluetooth. Elvie is equipped with motion and force sensors to detect if you’re doing your Kegels correctly. Each 5-minute workout helps in preparing your body for muscle strains caused by pregnancy, childbirth, aging and impact sports.

Elvie is made of medical grade silicone that’s durable, safe, and fully waterproof. The package comes with a carry case that can house Elvie and act as its wireless charger. An hour of charging time can already last up to 1 month of use.

The app has six exercises which track strength in real time, and are designed to look like a game to make each exercise simple and entertaining. It acts like a personal trainer because of its progressive training program that only allows the next sets of routine after you’ve reached a certain milestone.

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