Ubooly- Smart Plush Toy That Has Smartphone Brain

Ubooly is a toy with a the smartphone brain. Kids play games all the time on the small phone screen, instead of this, you insert the phone inside Ubooly that has speech recognition to interact with your kid. It is a handcrafted toy whose content is customized for every child from the smart app. The activities of Ubooly are exactly what the parents need in child development. Just download the app, customize it and then insert your smartphone inside Ubooly. You just need to program it by customizing it with the name of your child, his age, favorite color and interests etc. It will automatically adapt to the learning levels of your child. Your child will think of it as a magical toy and will enjoy it a lot. And you don’t have to worry about your phone because Ubooly will protect it with its plush memory foam body. Ubooly that fits most smartphones costs around 25$

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