Kill all dead spots with Luma’s ‘Surround WiFi’ solution

Luma introduces its revolutionary ‘Surround WiFi’ setup which constructs a mesh network to provide internet in every corner of your home. The three Luma routers that come with the package not only provide wider coverage but also resolve the weak signals caused by concrete walls. It also simultaneously emits dual-band frequencies to avoid interference caused by some household appliances. Its built-in cyber security system also provides an additional layer of protection which automatically neutralizes threats and hack attacks.

Your Luma WiFi network is connected through a mobile application which provides the following valuable features:

– Easy setup guide that detects where to best place Luma around the house for optimal performance

– Monitor internet status and device connectivity

– Parental control to enforce age-appropriate browsing activities

– Grant access and set user policies to connected devices

– Full internet control allowing you to even ‘pause’ the internet connection

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