RapidX is your special lifestyle and gaming chair

Combining the sound design of professional racing seats, the luxurious features of a lifestyle couch, and the mobility of office chairs, RapidX developed this one-of-a-kind furniture that’s made not only for gamers but also for anyone who wants to sit in indulgence.

RapidX’s line of gaming and lifestyle chairs are not only stylish but also ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and reliability. The seat base support, levers, and hinges are all made of metal to withstand prolonged and repetitive use. Its wheel base is made of hard plastic that’s both lightweight and durable. The chair also can recline up to 165° which already exceeds the limit that office and lifestyle chairs usually offer. It also showcases fully adjustable armrests with radial swivel and gas lift seat, all freely configurable to your ideal position.

The package is delivered complete with tools for easier assembly.

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