LectroFan uses sound masking technology to improve sleeping conditions

LectroFan is a sound machine that generates sounds to drown out other loud, disturbing noises. It uses an algorithm to generate unique, unrecorded, non-repeating sounds which make ambient noise less audible. There are two categories of sounds you can play, each made for the following purposes:

  • Fan sounds: creaking floors, loud noises next door, and usual sounds that can disturb your sleep
  • White noises: deep bass, tinnitus treatment, traffic sounds, conversation privacy

It’s made for people who want to get lengthy, undisturbed sleep, or office people who want to get more privacy and prevent eavesdropping during meetings. It can even be used for treating tinnitus.

LectroFan has an adjustable volume and a timer for scheduled playing. It can be plugged into a wall or USB outlet for power.

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