littleBits goes big with this new invention kit for kid

littleBits redefines fun learning experience with its Gizmos & Gadgets Kit (2nd ed.) designed for teens and up. It is a hands-on invention kit that teaches kids the basics of programming and electronics. The kit contains several ‘bits’ of microchip module each doing a specific action: power input, controller module, and an output module that emits sounds, lights, or even start motion. Each bit is color-coded and easily snaps together with the help of magnets for effortless assembly.


The package comes with an invention guidebook containing 16 projects to start with; thousands more are available online. The 2nd edition is also the first Bluetooth-enabled kit in its line which allows inventions to respond to the littleBits mobile application. Bits are also reusable and can be mixed and matched to create any invention your kids can imagine.

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