Furby Connect gives Furby more interactive features with its mobile app

Furby Connect expands Furby’s interactive capabilities by syncing it with the Furby Connect World app. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and connects with the Furby Connect toy via Bluetooth technology.

Furby can talk, sing, and even learn new phrases thru the app. The antenna, which is attached on top of Furby’s head, lights up when it has something new to show to your kids. Contents are regularly updated so you can be sure there’s always new stuff Furby can show.

Its eyes display over 150 animations, making Furby more alive than ever. It has sensors all over its body allowing it to react to being moved around, tickled, and turned upside down. Furby can also be put to sleep by slipping on the included sleep mask which disconnects Furby from the internet.

Furby Connect is made for ages 6 and up. It runs on 4 AA-sized alkaline batteries which are excluded from the package.

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