JETJAT ULTRA™ makes drone flying easy-peasy

MOTA®’s new drone, JETJAT ULTRA™, is perfect for beginners old and young. It boasts a “one-touch takeoff” feature that lets the drone run on auto-pilot for easier takeoff, hovering, and landing. Its damage-resistant body is equipped with a camera capable of taking HQ photos and videos which you can stream live on your smartphone. The built-in Wi-Fi host handles the communication between your phone and remote controller.

Do 360° aerial flips with your drone up to 25m from the ground anywhere you like. JETJAT ULTRA™ is so compact that it can fit right on top of the controller. Its quick-charge battery takes only 20-30 minutes of charging time and can already give you 5 minutes of continuous flight time.

If you have MOTA®’s latest VR headset, you can even see what your drone sees in first-person perspective with its VR mode.

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