PICTAR’s camera-grip transforms your iPhone into a DSLR camera

This ergonomic and anti-slip camera-grip provides the level of control and comfort you get from professional DSLR cameras. Together with its mobile app, you can maximize the power of your iPhone camera thru these external buttons:

  • Multi-state shutter release with “half-press” for image focusing.
  • Zoom ring to replace the pinch-and-zoom motion. It can be reprogrammed to configure other shooting options. It can also act as a “selfie” button when pressed.
  • Exposure compensation wheel to adjust brightness levels.
  • Smart wheel that is preprogrammed to let users select from 7 shot presets like portrait, sports, and landscape mode.
  • The app has a virtual wheel that allows users to select flash modes, shutter speed, ISO, and more with just their thumb.

PICTAR can also be attached to a 1/4” Standard tripod and has space for expansions like cold-shoe mount and clip-on lenses.

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