Sensor Mirror Pro is a smart mirror that can be controlled using a mobile app

Sensor Mirror Pro connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. This smart mirror boasts their proprietary tru-lux light system which has color rendering index of 90 to help simulate the natural light’s full-color spectrum for more detailed and crisp images. Its adjustable color temperature lets you choose ambient presets or capture the surrounding light settings and recreate them on the mirror. It has powerful dual magnification capability that can zoom reflections from 5x up to 10x.

The device also works well with other gadgets like Nest Cam to recreate the lighting in your room and services like Amazon’s Alexa to configure the mirror’s setting through voice command.

It has a motion sensor and adaptive sensing to ensure longer battery life. The mirror has a rechargeable battery which can be used up to 4 weeks on a single charge.

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