Moon gives you complete theater experience anywhere you want

Moon is Royole’s answer to those who are looking for a riveting 3D viewing and gaming experience they can take anywhere. This portable mobile theater boasts dual HD displays and simulates an 800-inch curved screen to simulate actual theater experience. The screen size is adjustable and has optics to even suit people who are near or farsighted.

The earpieces are fitted with noise-cancelling technology, deep bass output, and low distortion audio. It has 32GB of internal storage and is also compatible with any online streaming service.

Moon’s dedicated OS ensures very fast response rate to deliver content without ghosting or lagging. It also supports the most popular video, audio, and image formats.

Play games or watch movies up to 5 hours with its 6000mAh battery pack that can be recharged to full capacity in just 2 hours. Multiple content sharing option is available thru its USB and HDMI cable interfaces.

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