Movo PM20-S makes professional interviews easier to conduct with its two mic heads

The Movo PM20-S Executive Lavalier Clip-on Interview Microphone is a dual lavalier mic system compatible with any tablet or smartphone running on either iOS or Android. It can work with any recording app.

It features 2 separate mic heads that lead to a combined, single cable with a universal 3.5mm TRRS jack at the end. Mic heads can be detached from the TRRS 4-pole cord jacks if not needed. Each mic head is equipped with high-end audio capture technology to produce professional sound quality. The ‘interviewer’ mic head has a cable length of 5ft, while the ‘interviewee’ has 8ft, both long enough to give space without stretching the cables.

Each package includes two all-metal alligator lapel clips for easier attachment, 4 pop filters, and a carrying case to hold everything together when you’re on the go.

This is the ideal companion for those who frequently do 1-on-1 interviews.

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