Nyrius Smart Outlet transforms any outlet into a wireless, Bluetooth-enabled one

This outlet extension can transform your ordinary appliances into smart devices. The Nyrius Smart Outlet communicates with a mobile app via Bluetooth and has a wireless range of up to 33ft. This allows you to automate home switches and control connected devices wirelessly. It’s perfect for lighting, fans, A/C units, entertainment systems, or any device you want to control from afar.

You can also schedule timers for devices to turn on and off automatically. Once you’ve set the timers, they will work even if your phone is out of range.

The smart outlet also utilizes near-field technology, so you can set it to automatically turn off when you’re out of range, or turn it on when you enter its coverage area. The Nyrius app can control up to 3 Smart Outlets on iOS and 7 outlets on Android smartphones.

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