TRAKK GLOW is a weatherproof, app-enabled Bluetooth speaker

This app-controlled speaker is an IPX5 rated waterproof gadget which allows it to withstand water jets and splashes from any directions without taking serious damage. It’s also dustproof, shockproof, and stain resistant.

Glow has an audio equalizer that lets you choose sound modes like Pop, Rock, Classical, Disco, Jazz or Theater. It’s already equipped with a power bank that can support up to 5.5 hours of continuous playing.

It has LED lights that can be controlled through a mobile app. The TRAKK GLOW app has the following features:

  • Color Scan lets you choose the LED color through the Color Spectrum on the app
  • Insect Light helps keep insects away
  • Auto Sleep lets you set the time when GLOW will automatically turn off

The LED lights can also be used to send SOS signals during emergency situations.

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