Withings™ WiFi security camera with air quality sensor

Home is the next-gen security camera with its innovative and generous features. Its 5MP camera is capable of capturing videos in 1080p resolution, boasts x12 zoom capacity, has a 135° viewing angle with fisheye dewarping, and advanced night vision mode.

The unique feature of Home that sets it above the others is its environmental sensors. These sensors can detect changes in light and sound in an empty room. When changes occur like someone enters the room, Home sends alerts to your phone. It also has an air quality detector that senses the levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in the room.

It runs by plugging it via a micro USB port ideal for prolonged operating time. Videos captured by Home can be played on almost any streaming device and can record up to 48 hours of timelapse animation. You can even do voice calls via the 2-way audio on Home.

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