BEDDI is an all-in-one, app-enabled alarm clock and home automation hub

WITTI’s intelligent alarm clock, BEDDI, boasts the following features:

  • Wake up light – gradually brightens to prepare your body naturally for daytime
  • Spotify integration – wakes you up to the tune of your favorite music
  • Real-time traffic update – provides the best route to take to get to your destination on the scheduled time
  • UBER request button – a simple button push will request for an UBER ride and BEDDI will give you notifications when your ride has arrived
  • Weather updates – reacts to voice command to give weather alerts
  • IoT connectivitiy – has programmable buttons that let you control other smart devices at home
  • White noise generator – emits a soothing sound to improve sleep quality
  • WeMo – controls home appliances through automation of switches
  • Customizable mood light
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Multiple USB charging ports
  • High-quality audio
  • Case compatible phone dock

BEDDI is powered by a DC input adapter which is included in the package.

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