Awair is an indoor air quality sensor that connects to an app for improvement recommendations

Awair has a smart sensor which instantly tracks toxins and chemicals, dust, carbon dioxide content, humidity, and temperature of the air you breathe. Its partner app shows a color-coded scale of 0 to 100 to give you an idea on the quality of air you’re breathing. It sends the data on your iOS or Android smartphones via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The company behind Awair collaborated with Mayo Clinic to give you recommendations on how to improve the air quality. The app shows easy-to-read visual cards containing insights and personalized tips to help you set your indoor air right.

Awair also offers preference modes that can help you set your air to get better sleep, increased productivity, or control your allergies. It can also be integrated with other smart products like Nest, Amazon’s Alexa, and IFTTT for better configuration.

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