A smart thermometer that syncs with an app

Thermo uses HotSpot Sensor™ Technology which utilizes 16 infrared sensors to take thousands of measurements and deliver the most accurate result in just 2 seconds. It takes measurements from the temporal artery – the best place to detect changes in body temperature – and works just by scanning it across the forehead.

It’s also hygienic as it doesn’t need to touch the skin to take measurements. Readings appear along with a color-coded LED indicator to easily indicate the fever’s severity.

Its Smart Fever Management automatically syncs readings to your smartphone and the app interprets it based on age, fever history and symptoms. The app also gives advanced health advice with the help of Thermia for proper medication and dosages.

The app also provides a journal that allows you to take notes, add photos, and set reminders and help you get the full history of illnesses for future reviews.

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