Pod 2 has GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular network capabilities to let you track your pets wherever they go

The lightweight and waterproof GPS tracker can be attached to any collar to let you monitor your pet’s activities. It works with an app to easily tell you your pet’s location in an instant and send you alerts when they leave your set perimeter.

The Pod 2 automatically records your pet’s physical activities like walking, running, and resting, and sends them to the app so you can easily monitor their health and fitness. You can also record their secret life with Pod 2’s continuous tracking of up to 8 hours.

The package contains the Pod 2, charging dock, 2x batteries, and 2x straps. The Pod 2 can last up to an average of 5 days with its batteries full.

The Pod 2 works with over 175 countries around the world so you can rest assured you won’t lose track of your beloved pet ever.

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