Pebblebee’s Finder is the longest range tracker in the market

The Finder’s main feature is its long range tracking coverage of over 200ft, easily beating other device trackers out there. It can be attached to any device, package, or almost anything you can think of, making it ideal for those who easily forget where they placed what. The loud buzzer and bright lights it emits can easily guide you to the item it’s attached to. It can work without the app running, showing you on the map where you last left it.

No need to worry if you lost your phone since the Finder functions both ways: you can find it using the mobile app and you can find your phone using the Finder.

It’s powered by a replaceable battery that can last up to 1 year. Its stainless steel shell is available in 3 fashionable colors: classic silver, gunmetal black, and rose gold.

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