The SkyCaddie Linx GT is an accurate rangefinder for golfers to track their shots

The SkyCaddie LINX GT is a watch equipped with a rangefinder especially built for golfers. It has an automatic shot tracking system that saves your strokes and tracks the distances of your shots. Its TrueGround® Course Maps is packed with over 35,000, best-in-class course maps.

The SkyCaddie Linx GT uses Bluetooth to show golfers a view of the entire landscape in HD thru the SkyCaddie mobile app. The app and the watch can both display the distances of holes using TruePoint® GPS technology so you can easily gauge your next shot.

It also has a SmartTag included in the package, allowing you to attach it on a club’s grip to track when and where you used it throughout your game.

You can upload your shot data to SkyGolf 360 Cloud for future reviews and peer comparison. The app can also automatically perform post-round analysis of your gameplay.

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