Kano Computer Kit teaches you to build your own computer and introduce you to programming

Used by hundreds of schools to teach the basics of computer building and programming, it’s an excellent device to introduce computers to ages 6 and up.

The package contains all the items you need to build your own computer: Raspberry Pi 3, case, speaker, wireless keyboard, memory, HDMI and power cables, stickers, and a storybook to guide you in building. The computer has several apps and hundreds of hours of coding challenges included. Screen is not included but can be bought separately or just simply connect your computer to any HDMI screen.

The challenging projects will teach you how to code your own art, music, apps, games and more using coding languages widely used in the industry like JavaScript, Python, and UNIX commands.

The computer runs on an open-source Kano OS and can also be used for surfing the internet, email access, and downloading of new apps.

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