Aura brings in technology to let you fall asleep and wake up smoothly


Aura is a set of devices designed to track and improve your sleep. A bedside device which uses scientifically proven light and sound programs works together with a contact-free sleep sensor which can be put under your mattress. Data from these devices are interpreted in a smartphone app for iOS users.

The Smart Light relaxes you as you drift to sleep and wakes you up during the least disturbing part of your sleep cycle. It also has preset programs which can help you relax and doze off for power naps.

The Sleep Sensor, on the other hand, tracks your sleep by recording your respiratory rate, heart rate, and movement. The data on the app shows the factors which cause the decline of sleep quality, making it ideal for those who are having trouble sleeping.

The Smart Light also has a built-in Hi-Fi speaker and a USB port for device charging.

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