iBlazr 2 is a portable wireless cold shoe flash which works with iOS and Android phones

It’s an add-on which works with native camera apps on smartphones using Bluetooth connection. iBlazr 2 provides a stable light source when taking videos or photos on your smartphone or tablet. It can also be attached to a DSLR using a cold shoe mount. You can also turn it into a table lamp when you’re done taking photos.

It features a touch sensor that lets you adjust color temperature and brightness settings, making your camera versatile for any situation. Although it can work without any additional app, using iBlazr 2 with the Shotlight app can unleash more of its potential and extra features. The app can sync up to 10 iBlazr devices simultaneously for increased light output.

It also has a temperature sensor which notifies you if it needs to take a rest. Its rechargeable 130mAh battery can last up to an hour of constant light output.

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