Femometer is a smart ovulation cycle tracker which works with an app

It’s a basal body temperature (BBT) thermometer which can monitor your menstrual cycle and sync the data to your smartphone for easier tracking. It helps you to better understand your cycle, giving you a heads up before your period comes or reasons on why it’s late.

Just put the Femometer in your mouth and under your tongue to measure your BBT and let the app interpret the data from the device. The Femometer automatically sends data to the mobile app via Bluetooth.

The sensors on the device are highly accurate, able to detect even the smallest changes in your ovulation cycle. It can assist you in getting pregnant faster or avoid it – in conjunction with other contraceptives – by providing the dates when you are most fertile. It can also monitor the early stages of your pregnancy.

The Femometer is specifically created for women to help them monitor their cycle easier.

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