Joule Sous Vide lets you cook sous vide meals by controlling the tool with its free app 


Joule is a small tool that helps you cook meals in sous vide. It weighs only 1.3lbs and measures just an inch short of a ruler. It has magnets on its base and sides, making it easier to clip on any metal pot.

It draws power from a 120V outlet to produce 1100 watts of heating power. It can heat water levels starting from at least 1.5in in depth up to 10 gallons of water with a precision of 0.2 F / 0.1 C.

You can control it using the Joule app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The app contains sous vide recipes and has a Visual Doneness feature to guide you how thorough you want to cook your food. It can also respond to voice commands through Amazon Alexa, allowing you to adjust the temperature or turn it on off hands-free.

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