Turn your existing stoves into smart devices that can be controlled using your smartphone

Inirv React is composed of two units: the sensor and the knob unit. The knob unit is cleverly designed to fit into any existing stove knob. The knob unit communicates with the sensor unit attached to the ceiling via Bluetooth.

The sensor unit has sensors that allow it to react and command the knob units to turn the stove off if it detects unusual levels of gas and smoke from the burner. It also has a motion sensor that detects if you’ve left the stove for quite some time. The sensor unit also has a built-in alarm that sounds when hazards are detected.

The knob unit can be turned like a normal stove knob to turn on your burner; simply tapping it will also execute the same action.

The mobile app enables you to control your stoves using your smartphone via Wi-Fi. Inirv React also works with Amazon Alexa.

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