Dreamer is an all-in-one smartphone dock with dozens of features including SmartSilence

Dreamer is a docking station for Android devices which also functions as a fully customizable alarm clock, a charging dock, a speakerphone, a music player, a sleep device, and notification manager. It has real buttons that let you control your docked phone for volume adjustment, music playing, and alarm snoozing without fidgeting with your phone’s screen. Its 10-watt speakers can generate a loud alarm sound and provide rich music volume. And just like dedicated sleep machines, Dreamer can also emulate sounds like rainfall and white noise to help you get better sleep.

Its SmartSilence technology allows only emergency calls to go through when you are sleeping. Dreamer will automatically reply to a caller to ask if their call is critical. Your phone will only ring if the caller responds affirmatively. Additional conditions, like adding exceptions to your contact list, can be reconfigured to determine how Dreamer will respond to calls.

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