Teforia is an intelligent tea infuser that you can control with your smartphone via Wi-Fi

Teforia’s proprietary Selective Infusion Profile System (Teforia SIPS™) allows the infuser to intelligently “read” the tea package put into it. Each Teforia tea package has a RFID tag on its label. Before brewing, you need to tap the tea container on the infuser’s reader to let it know what recipe to use. After that, just empty the tea leaves into the Infusion Globe and allow Teforia to work its magic.

The Teforia app allows you to prepare your tea anywhere you are as long as the Teforia infuser and the app are both connected to a Wi-Fi network. The app also allows you to add recipes for your loose leaf teas by answering a questionnaire that will allow Teforia to bring the best flavor out of the leaves.

Teforia’s carafe is made of stain-resistant glass and its infusion globe is made of BPA-free plastic.

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