The Gunbox 2.0 is a gun holder that can be configured with a smartphone

The Gunbox is made of 4mm die-cast aluminum to safely hold most duty-size handguns. It’s FAA/TSA-approved so you can safely bring it with you on your travels.

It can be opened in multiple ways: it has an onboard 360° fingerprint scanner, a RFID scanner to access it using the key card included in the package, and a smartphone app for remote access via Bluetooth. It has a tamper and motion alarm that sounds when it’s bumped or moved.

It has 2 USB ports you can use to charge other devices, but you have to plug the Gunbox 2.0 into a wall outlet for these ports to work. But if you don’t need to use the ports, its rechargeable battery can last for about a year or so.

It weighs only 4.5lbs and can be mounted in any orientation. It can also be secured using a tether cable.

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