FlameStower is a portable charger that uses fire to charge your USB devices

FlameStower is an alternative solution to your power bank when going for long hikes. Unlike power banks which become useless once drained, the FlameStower converts heat energy into usable electric energy needed to power your portable devices. You can grill your barbecue or heat water for coffee while charging your phone at the same time with this contraption.

To start charging, just let it stand on its legs, put the blade part where it can catch the flames, fill the cup with water, and just plug in your device to see the magic work. You can plug in and recharge your smartphone, camera, flashlights, or even your power bank. Usually, charging your phone for 20 minutes with FlameStower equates to 40 minutes of talk time. The charging speed depends on the phone battery and the strength of the fire.

The device is very portable, weighing only 10oz.

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