MOCAheart is an all-in-one heart monitoring device which connects to a mobile app

You can measure your heart’s health by just placing your fingers on MOCAheart and allowing it to take your vital readings in just 25 seconds. It detects the pulse wave velocity on your finger which is the speed your blood travels through vessels throughout your body. Data is sent to a mobile app thru Bluetooth connection.

MOCA Index is its partner app which provides informative measurements on your blood flow and blood pressure. It also displays your current heart rate, blood oxygen level, and recommends lifestyle activities to improve your current health condition.

The app keeps track of your records to determine if your health trend is improving or not. Saved records can be shared with your friends, relatives, and especially to your doctor.

Its rechargeable battery can last up to 3 days of regular use which is around 3-5 measurements per day.

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