Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit secures your iPhone on anything that has a handlebar

The Bike Mount uses patented dual locking mechanism to secure your iPhone 6/6S Plus on motorcycles, bikes, and on any handlebar with 25-40mm diameter. It can be mounted on your bike in a flash using the UV-resistant O-rings provided in the package; cable ties would also work. Its low-profile design is compatible with all Quad Lock Cases.

The Mount Kit comes with the lightweight and durable Quad Lock Case. The case’s composition won’t damage your phone because of its soft microfiber lining. The casing is also not obstructive to any port or camera on your phone.

A Quad Lock Poncho is also included in the kit which is a rain resistant cover you can slip on your phone. It’s a clear casing that allows for full use of your touchscreen after installation.

The kit is ideal for those who travel a lot using their bikes and motorcycles.

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