Jitterbug Touch3 partners with GreatCall to create a mobile phone with healthcare services

Jitterbug Touch3 is Samsung’s specialized product for older consumers who are having a hard time tinkering with fancy smartphones. Touch3 offers a simplified and customizable menu that’s easy to navigate.

Touch3 has a 4 in touchscreen display which features a large on-screen keyboard. It also has a large icon display to assist senior citizens who have vision problems.

The phone’s earpiece is also compatible with hearing aids and passed M4/T4 protocols. Touch3 also features a 5MP camera.

GreatCall worked with Samsung to include built-in healthcare apps like 5Star and Urgent Care which provide medical services to elders. With just one touch of the 5Star button, it allows the user to contact NAED-certified medical agents during emergency situations. The Urgent Care app provides 24/7 health services and medical prescriptions over the phone.

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