share your notes on the whiteboard during video conferences with Kaptivo

Kaptivo is a camera attachment for your whiteboard which lets you capture its contents in real-time and stream it live during video calls. Just attach the Kaptivo camera on top of your board and connect it to the control pad plugged into an AC outlet.

It works with popular video conference platforms like Skype, Cisco WebEx, and Google Hangouts. Kaptivo’s patented software automatically removes the arms and body of the person writing on the board so viewers can focus on what’s important. The camera position, contrast, and brightness settings are also automatically adjusted to give viewers a clear image of what’s being written on the board.

When the presentation is done, viewers can download it in PDF or PowerPoint format or take a snapshot of specific portions of the stream.

It can capture contents on boards measuring up to 6ft long and 4ft wide.

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