Mobitee & Piq provides you a wearable device to help you analyze your golf game 

Piq is the lightest rangefinder that clips onto your golf gloves. It gives you immediate distance readings through a small display, providing you the accurate distance your ball traveled right after you take a shot.

It works by attaching the mobitee, a GPS-enabled device, at the bottom of your club. Before taking a shot, tap the club to the Piq attached on your glove to record your current location. This will signal Piq to analyze your swing when you take the shot.

Everything is recorded on an app via Bluetooth connection, so you can review each round’s statistics. You don’t need to look at the app for every shot you make, but it’s good to know that it can show you a precise map of the course, complete with your ball’s location.

Stats and games recorded on the app can be shared with an online community or through social media.

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