Seek Thermal’s Compact turns your smartphone into a thermal imaging camera

Compact is a camera attachment that works with any iOS and Android smartphone through a free app. It has 32,000 thermal pixels that detect infrared signature emitted by objects and converts them into an image or video with 206 x 156 resolution on your phone. It works in daylight or at night and even in situations with poor light conditions.

It can detect temperatures ranging from -40°F to 626°F. Its wide 36° field of view is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The sensors can detect heat signatures of objects up to 1,000ft away. Compact also has manual focusing rings on its side for image adjustment.

It’s a cheap and portable solution for construction contractors, building inspectors, technicians, or homeowners who want to quickly inspect areas for air leaks, insulation gaps, thermal bypasses, damaged insulation, or overheating components by just pointing their phones onto it.

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