The Impossible I-1 is a new generation analog camera that works with a smartphone app

The Impossible I-1 is an analog instant camera that works with any iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. The camera can instantly print pictures on the original Polaroid I-type and 600 type films. Photo printing takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

This camera is the only instant camera that offers full manual control over aperture, shutter speed, focus distance, and flash settings. The camera itself has 12 LED flashes arranged in a ring fashion which works great for taking portrait photos. The lens has a focal length of 82 – 109mm and a 40° field of view.

It works with an app that gives you features like self-timer, remote and noise triggers, light and color paint, double-exposure, shutter speed & aperture configuration, and photo scanner.

The camera runs on 500mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery.

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