The iFamCare Helmet is a multi-function monitoring device which can be controlled thru an app

The iFamCare Helmet is a remote home monitoring and pet entertainment device. It features an air quality sensor, night-vision recording, two-way speaker for calls, and motion and sound sensors. It also projects a fully-controllable laser light so you can play chase with your pets anywhere you are.
Its camera captures videos and images in Full-HD resolution. It can rotate 360˚ and tilt up to 70˚ for complete area monitoring.
The iFamCare app, which is available on both iPhone and Android devices, can connect multiple cameras and allow you to monitor them all on a single screen. It also allows you to share videos and images to social media sites.
The Helmet doesn’t eat tremendous amounts of internet bandwidth. It can connect using any connection speed and still capture videos and images in high resolution.

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