Navdy is a multi-functional car GPS that syncs with a mobile app & has heads up display

Navdy is a car add-on that helps you navigate the road, receive mobile calls and texts, and control your music without touching your phone. It uses Google Maps and built-in offline maps to help you navigate through traffic and get the fastest route to your destination.

Everything is projected in front of you using Augmented Reality. The displays are in full color, visible during day and night, but they’re also transparent to avoid obstructing your view of the road.

To install, just mount the display on your dashboard, attach the Navdy Dial on the steering wheel, and connect it with the Navdy app on your smartphone. Once Navdy is connected to your car, you can even control music played on your phone.

Navdy also has sensors which recognize hand gestures so you can take calls and have Navdy read messages out loud, all hands-free.

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