PocketLab is a wireless sensor which can perform the same functions of a number of laboratory equipment

PocketLab is a cheaper alternative to several lab equipment. It can perform similar functions minus the bulkiness of lab apparatuses.

PocketLab has a sensor that can measure acceleration, altitude, magnetic field, angular velocity, pressure, temperature, and motion. It communicates data to an app and lets you analyze the data gathered, help you create graphs to represent it, and assimilate your findings to MS Excel, Scratch Programming, and Google Drive.

To activate the sensor, bring it close to your preferred device, and access the app to connect the sensor. The app is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Chrome devices.

PocketLab is ideal for teachers who want to incorporate STEM learning into their classes. The PocketLab can be used in projects like creating an earthquake seismograph, a magnetic minesweeper, and others.

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