ALEX is a wearable device that works with an app to correct your posture

Continuous use of laptop and computers may contribute to poor posture, causing muscle stiffness and long-term back and neck problems. ALEX, a wearable posture tracker, detects poor posture and vibrates to notify you to correct it. It uses a sensitive pivot sensor and 3-axis accelerometer to measure the position of your neck and head in real-time.

ALEX is made of flexible, lightweight materials to ensure it’s comfortable to wear. It hangs around the ears for support, similar to how behind-the-neck headphones are worn.

A companion app, which connects with ALEX via Bluetooth, lets you adjust the wearable’s vibration frequency and intensity. The app also tracks your posture habits to help you improve it over time.

ALEX is powered by a rechargeable battery which can last up to 70 hours of continuous use.

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